Adolfo is Amazing


16 Aug Adolfo is Amazing

My wife and I along with our two traveling companions spent part of a day with Adolfo that was THE most enjoyable, interesting and informative part of a two week trip to Spain and the most amazing tour I have experienced.

At the outset and possibly something that distinguishes him from any other guide with whom my wife and I have toured, Adolfo uses themes to help the visitor understand both Toledo and much of European and Middle Eastern history. Among many examples, he provides unique insights into events and locations that involved collaboration between religions and cultures all to the benefit of humanity. His message is that the world would be much better off if this type of collaboration and mutual respect were common today rather than rare and while that perspective may be something most travelers share our experience was greatly enriched by seeing and hearing of examples.

Adolfo also begins his tours by creating a solid context and foundation for learning – starting with broad themes and then building on those as you proceed through town. All in all, his teaching methods are very effective and the pace and content of the tour was outstanding in all respects.

We had two other experiences with Adolfo that deserve mention. After about the tour was half over and Adolfo had a good idea as to who we were, we encountered a group of French students (with their teacher) who were obviously anxious to share information with us. Adolfo immediately began a conversation with them – speaking beautiful French – and continued to interact with them in a wonderfully engaging style and an obviously honest desire to connect (which he clearly did). That experience confirmed that he lives what he believes.

Near the end of the tour, we wanted to stop at a store and Adolfo, almost sheepishly showed us one of the publications for sale – an amazing 200 page guidebook of Toledo that he wrote. I missed the book when I went on the website and his very humble way to telling us about it at the store speaks volumes about the man. I encourage anyone to buy and read the book before going on any tour of Toledo.

If you want an amazing tour – of Toledo and history – make sure you retain Adolfo.

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